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Current BSI Opportunities and Projects

Business and Venture Development

BSI utilizes its extensive connections throughout the Asia-Pacific region to identify for its clients potential customers, suppliers, investors, joint venture partners, representatives and distributors.  See articles about The New Asia for more on  the many opportunities to be found in the region.

BSI is currently seeking:

  • Architectural, engineering and construction firms interested in outsourcing and automating their CAD needs.  See CAD Services.
  • Investors for various later-stage high tech startup companies.
  • Startups and eCommerce companies wanting to grow.
Management of diversity is the key to business success in the Asia-Pacific region.
The economies of the Asia-Pacific region are growing at twice the rate of those of the rest of the world. Those who take part in the region's wave of expansion will be among the leaders of a new global business elite.

Current and Recent Consulting and Venture Development Assignments

BSI carries out a wide variety of consulting and venture development activities. Some current and recent assignments:

  • Search for investors in a manufacturer of high tech electronics components.
  • Content preparation and business consulting services for a China-related ecommerce portal.
  • Business risk analysis relating to China.
  • Business plan preparation and investment advisory services for an international Web site startup.
  • Solicitation of U.S. importers on behalf of an Indian manufacturer.
  • Advice to a Thai corporation relating to potential U.S. investors in a resort hotel in Pattaya, Thailand.
  • Providing U.S. business liaison services for overseas companies through BSI’s San Francisco office.

Please contact BSI directly for further information concerning current opportunities and services.