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eLogicTech Solutions is a United States company that has provided computer-aided design services – CAD – to more than 150 North American architectural, engineering and construction firms for over 15 years.  At its operations center in Hyderabad, India, it does production drawings, building information modeling (BIM), schematic design, design development, renderings, animations, CAD standards development, MEP and millwork services, presentations and construction documents, and component modeling. 

Here are a few of the many reasons why an architectural, engineering or construction firm should outsource its CAD work to eLogicTech:

  • eLogicTech has years of experience and broad capabilities.  It is prepared to respond to a client’s needs immediately.  Its personnel are all degreed architects and engineers with superior communication skills and extensive experience in North American projects.
  • The outsourcing of routine and specialty CAD requirements to eLogicTech is an excellent business model for gaining competitive advantage in today’s architectural and engineering markets.  The model permits firms to control their costs and to concentrate more fully on their core competencies.  Firms are able to focus on the creative and conceptual aspects of their work and on client relations while eLogicTech focuses on the accurate delineation and execution of its clients’ CAD assignments.
  • An eLogicTech team supplements a firm’s in-house staff without requiring the firm to hire additional or temporary employees during unpredictable economic times.
  • eLogicTech’s services can be turned on and off as needed.  In addition, an eLogicTech team can be expanded or contracted easily on an ongoing basis.
  • eLogicTech’s operations center is located in an integrated facility.  Its professionals interact easily and efficiently, and the management of a client’s projects is optimized.  The center’s sophisticated high tech infrastructure assures efficient and dependable services and communications for eLogicTech’s clients.
  • Quality control is an obsession at eLogicTech.  Ongoing training of eLogicTech’s professionals in North American and international architectural and engineering practices is a strong part of this focus.
  • Confidentiality is another obsession at eLogicTech.  The projects of each client are kept separate from the projects of other clients, and the confidentiality of all projects is carefully protected.  eLogicTech achieves a high level of confidentiality through the training of its professionals, through security and confidentiality procedures, and through assigning personnel to projects in ways that avoid exposure risks.
  • eLogicTech is owned and managed by its talented Indian principals.  It is not a branch of a large or international company.  The key personnel run the show and are dedicated to eLogicTech’s success.
  • The principals of eLogicTech are young, entrepreneurial and enthusiastic.  They are excited about building an important and successful company.
  • As an outsourcing provider operating in India (compared to offshore providers located in China, the Philippines, or elsewhere), eLogicTech offers the advantages of English language familiarity, low cost, quality professional education, unparalleled technological capabilities and know-how, a huge labor pool, the rule of law, and a productive 24-hour time cycle.

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